Walter Roth, Cortland, OH
"This is the hunt that I've always dreamed about when I was a kid..."

Chuck Johnson, Alma, IL
"A great wilderness bow hunt that keeps me going back year after year...and what a great outfitter too..." 

Mel Mouser, Grass Valley, CA
"Four years, four guys, nine bulls, do the math!  It's a great hunt at a great price!" 

John Trauner, Grass Valley, CA
"Nice bulls in a great wilderness location. Jon does a superb job with equipment and stock.  Absolutely first class operation...and 3 years, 3 bulls! Wouldn't consider anywhere else!" 

Doug Brummer, Omaha, NE
"When I went on a hunt there, I left civilization behind and went into a great new world.  Best non-guided hunt ever...." 


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